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Roland FR-8X, FR-4X, FR-4XB, FR-1X, and FR-1XB models

roland fr-8x

(Available in black or red)
8X red whole accordion.jpg
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The ultimate fusion of technology and tradition.
FR-8x & FR-8XB is Roland’s flagship accordion series with newly developed Dynamic Bellows Behavior technology, the largest selection of sounds, and four powerful multi-effects engines. 
With the incredible new FR-8X & FR-8XB, Roland has perfected the synergy between traditional accordion playability and modern digital power. The latest flagship piano or button-type V-Accordion is jam-packed with features and enhancements developed with input from the world’s top players, bringing a previously unattained level of expression and versatility to every accordionist.
The unique, innovative Dynamic Bellows Behavior technology, developed with Roland’s latest cutting edge technology, delivers the true bellows response of an acoustic accordion.  Seamlessly fusing top-level technology with familiar acoustic tradition, the FR-8X & FR-8XB V-Accordion ushers in a new era of creative freedom for players everywhere. The expanded sound set, four powerful multi-effects, onboard looper, and much more, offer a treasure chest of tools for dynamic musical exploration.   
8X black grill & keyboard.jpg
Innovation, technology, and aesthetics make up the essential structure of this instrument.  The FR-8X & FR-8XB includes a high class, on board, amplification system.  Thanks to the 100 accordion settings, the 180 orchestral sounds, and the virtual turn wheel organ section, you can easily program up to 1,400 user program memories to instantly record your best sound set up, to entertain the audience with your repertoire, playing any type of musical genre. 
A new 2.4” color display and the easy user interface with dedicated function switches, makes the FR-8X & FR-8XB incredibly user friendly for any type of musical application.  New programmable chin switches make hands free sound changes possibly when your hands are particularly busy on the keyboard. 
Thanks to the loop function, you can enjoy creating an endless overdub of phrases to jam along with.  A USB host connection allows you to load and save all paramaters on USB memory to record your performance or simply to play the lead on your favorite backing track in MP3 or WAVE format.
roland fr-4x & FR-4XB
(Available in black or red)
FR-4XB red front open.jpg
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Click here for more info on the FR-4XB
Power and portability: the V-Accordion revolution continues.
With its light and compact design, responsive pressure-sensing bellows, and full-range onboard speakers, this latest model feels as familiar as your favorite acoustic accordion and uses the same powerful sound engine as Roland’s flagship FR-8X.
There’s plenty to love about the traditional accordion, from its expression to its portability. But if you’ve ever wondered where Roland’s acclaimed range of digital V-Accordions could take your performances, the new Roland FR-4X and FR-4XB is your chance to find out.  Choose from a wide selection of accordion sounds from around the world, and play in silence using headphones or connect to a PA for live performance. 
The USB memory port is your pathway to some of the Roland FR-4X & FR-4XB's most useful features. By inserting a USB stick preloaded with your favorite songs or your band’s latest material, you can jam along with the music as it plays back and perfect your parts at your convenience. If you want to get creative, the FR-4X & FR-4XB also features a handy onboard recorder; simply record a new part, save it to a USB stick, and then transfer your creation to a computer and share it with the world. USB export also allows you to safely archive your customized sound settings.
A traditional acoustic accordion offers just one dedicated sound. With its powerful sound engine carried over from the flagship FR-8X & FR-8XB, the new FR-4X & FR-4XB puts an entire orchestra in your hands, with a wide range of onboard sounds to support any musical style. Maybe you’ll dabble in 100 preset accordion sets, switching between French musette and Russian bayan in the same song. Or perhaps you’ll investigate 162 orchestral sounds derived from Roland’s latest keyboards, transforming your accordion into an organ, string quartet, or bass guitar. You could also accompany your melody lines with the onboard drum sounds plus access additional sound libraries available from the official Roland website.
Control other electronic musical instruments via the MIDI connector, or record your playing to a connected USB stick and share your music with the world. While its sounds and playing feel are reassuringly traditional, the Roland FR-4X & FR-4XB is an accordion for the modern age.


(Available in black or red)
FR-1X red open.jpg
FR-1XB on feet, black.jpg
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Compact and lightweight with advanced features.
The compact  FR-1X is perfect for beginners, students, or adults in search of a lightweight accordion. They are the most compact of all
V-Accordions, but cut no corners in sound quality.
Thanks to Roland’s sound generator that is optimized for Accordion performance, the FR-1X will satisfy even the most demanding accordion player. With this technology, accordionists can feel perfectly at ease when playing their music especially once they have experienced the enhanced response of this instrument. It’s also a perfect instrument for the professional accordionist and live performer. The FR-1X’s battery power and onboard speakers make it ideal for the strolling accordionist. The FR-1X is great instrument for musicians who perform musical styles such as folk, rock, roots-rock, blues, zydeco, and more.
Enjoy instant, high-quality sound from the onboard speakers or play privately with ear buds or headphones (sold separately). The FR-1X is also the perfect instrument to travel with. Because of its compact size, it fits in the overhead storage compartment on most commercial airplanes.
With the FR-1X series, you can access over a dozen different accordion sounds instantly. There are even orchestral instruments onboard, as well as virtual tone wheel organs with realistic rotary effects. The FR-1X also includes onboard manual drum/percussion sounds that can be played with the bass and chord buttons.
A dedicated software program allows you to create a dedicated User Set for the FR-1X with access to all Orchestra, Orchestra Bass and Orchestra Chord sounds. It will be available on the Roland Web site as a free download. Thanks to the USB port, it will be easy to load user sets into the FR-1X.
The USB memory port allows you to easily store data such as User Program, and to upload new sounds, thanks to the USB Flash Memory. Moreover you can manage MP3 and Wave files using the optional USB Flash Memory. Their playback is a good educational application and can enhance live performances too. The USB computer port is dedicated to MIDI computer applications, such as sequencer software programs.
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